The German was scared like a bomb the pub and raised the alarm

The German retired from the city of Bretten (near Karlsruhe, Baden-württemberg) scared discovered in his garden of the subject similar to an aviation bomb and called police. About it reports BBC News.

Arriving on alert, the patrol found that in the courtyard of the pensioner lies planted by someone 5-pound zucchini-zucchini. The evacuation of the inhabitants of the surrounding houses was conducted.

“The length of the vegetable was about 40 centimeters, and he really was like a shell of the Second world war,” said one of the policemen. The pub was left to the pensioner.

22 October it was reported that two men died in Poland after an attempt to defuse the found shell of times of the Second world war. They threw him in the fire that led to the explosion of the munition. 44-year-old man died on the spot, his 42-year-old friend in a few hours died from his injuries in the hospital.