Police in Tatarstan torture brought the detainee to suicide

Police in Tatarstan torture brought the detainee to suicide

In Tatarstan has arrested three policemen implicated in the torture of detainees, one of whom committed suicide. On Thursday, November 2 “Tape.ru” reported in the human rights organization “Area law”.

According to lawyer Andrey Suchkov, the incident occurred on October 18 in Nizhnekamsk. The police took to the police Department, 22-year-old Ilnaz Perkina and the use of force required him to admit to committing a crime.

The next day the young man committed suicide, with suicide video on your mobile phone.

On the recording he spoke about the police torture, in particular, “elephant”, when the victim’s head is put on a gas mask and blocked oxygen.

In relation to the police was a criminal case about excess of powers of office with application of violence, all taken into custody before the end of December. “The investigative Committee began checking the circumstances of the suicides of seven other people who had the experience of “dialogue” with Nizhnekamsk police in recent years”, — stated in the message of defenders.

According to the electronic newspaper of Tatarstan “Business Online”, the police suspected Pirkina in the theft of batteries.

On the video the man said that the pressure of the guards testify against themselves.

“His act, I want justice, I’m not the first and not the last, but I want to continue this did not happen,” — he said.

The publication notes that the victim a year ago returned from the army, worked as a nurse in the psycho-neurological dispensary, was thinking about getting married.