The US has equated Russia to North Korea and Iran

The US has equated Russia to North Korea and Iran

The office for foreign assets control of the United States (OFAC) issued a list of explanations about new sanctions against Moscow, Pyongyang and Tehran.

Due to new requirements, Russia has actually equalized with Iran and North Korea — will now haunt not only the Russian natural and legal persons, but also citizens and companies that helped the Russians in the conduct of transactions. Previously, this condition was relevant only with respect North Korea and Iran, and against Russia was distributed only to American citizens and companies operating under us law.

Now the restrictions threaten all companies in the world, who cooperate with the Russian legal entities from the sanctions list.

OFAC explains that the new restrictions will be introduced for foreign exchange transaction transfer of financial instruments, securities, property, and the provision of services, personnel and technologies.

The document says that the sanctions threatened for only significant transactions, while tests of significance in the document is not spelled out — it will determine itself OFAC, in each case.

The objective of the sanctions, as the document says, “to impose costs for Russia actions in Ukraine”. The document also says that Washington along with its allies will continue to work actively in this direction.

Tuesday, October 31, the U.S. Treasury has extended the restrictions on the Russian oil sector. The law on new sanctions against Moscow was signed by the President Donald trump in early August.