Simple questions

Simple questions

Maxim Kononenko on the causes of the failure of the latest promotions Alexei Navalny.

The dramatic failure of the last tour of Alexei Navalny confronts him and watching audience a number of interesting issues.

The issues facing the Bulk, is clear: as opposition leader back to number one after the nomination of a presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak. Sobchak absolute awareness, powerful communication, it is immediately joined by serious people. And most importantly — she has the right to participate in elections, unlike Alexei Navalny. And in a presidential election year, if you’re not running something you do not need anyone. About the same as no options with the participation of Navalny in the elections is not expected to have many times stated in the CEC and the presidential Administration. By law he can’t participate. The law for the sake of it will not change.

Prudent declared his ambitions in a time when Navalny was serving an administrative arrest Sobchak immediately took possession of General media attention, and now Navalny will have to return the media attention to himself. This would be especially difficult because the agenda itself the Bulk of the people, in General, if not fed, it became clear. Over the years this politician says exactly the same thing, and the audience craves sensationalism. If new sensations is not — then there is no reason to go to meetings visiting the tribune, because it is clear from what he says. Sobchak, as well as the ensuing Catherine Gordon, show a much greater experience in dealing with the media, constantly vbrasyvaya with a discussion of space issues, the urgency of which in Russia is almost constant: the Crimea, Lenin and the like. Navalny continues to mumble about corruption, and this topic in great sharpness in the discussion space does not have. Well, that’s corruption. Corruption is bad. What? Apparently, girls, for many years engaged in professional journalism, I feel much better audience than the person who refuses to communicate with the press, believing that he is his own press.

But the questions that stand before curious observers, much more interesting.

That Bulk has called for the Astrakhan, Ivanovo, Kursk and Tambov. And everywhere gathered much less thousands of people. It’s hard to shake the feeling that this is going to the volunteers of the regional headquarters of Navalny — that is, people who he pays the money.

In addition, Bulk periodically tells us what giant millions they collect. Including, by the way, in bitcoins. If you compare the number of people at his rallies with these giant millions, there is a feeling deep inconsistencies. Can such a tiny number of people to collect such a huge number of millions. And this creates in the observer’s suspicions.