The petition for the impeachment of trump scored a million signatures

Donald Trump

The petition for the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump posted on the website of the American billionaire Tom Styer, received over a million signatures within 10 days. On Tuesday, October 31, reports The Hill.

Entrepreneur, supporter of the Democratic party began a campaign against trump’s October 20. He has published on its YouTube channel a video message in which he accused trump of violating a number of laws and aggressive foreign policy.

Stayer also wrote letters to governors and mayors of American cities to call for the impeachment of the President. Trump October 27, in his Twitter commented on the intentions of Stayers, calling it “crazy and completely abnormal.”

The U.S. Constitution provides for impeachment of the President. For this you need to gather a majority in the house of representatives, and then must win the votes of two thirds of the members of the Senate.

Tom Steyer — the billionaire founder of investment firm Farallon Capital. His fortune is estimated at 1.61 billion dollars. Steyer is a staunch supporter of the Democratic party and a few times I donated them money for the election campaign. He also sponsors projects related to environmental protection.

Background: the American billionaire has launched a campaign for the impeachment of trump