In Kyiv told about the broken call in the Ukrainian army

In Kyiv told about the broken call in the Ukrainian army

Autumn draft campaign in the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) in Kiev on the verge of collapse. About this Ukrainian edition of “Vesti” reported in the military Commissariat of Kiev.

“The results of two or three stages of email alerts and through the Hoo to recruiting stations was only 3.95 percent of recruits. To prevent disruption of the implementation of the order of the President “on conscription for military service in 2017,” under the leadership of Deputy mayor of Kiev, it was decided to find, detain and deliver to the military of persons who evade service”, — told in the military Commissariat.

So in the body responsible for mobilization preparation and appeal, commented on the case of the detention on 28 October, in the night club of Kiev, young people, who were then taken to the military enlistment office.

In may it was reported that in Lviv failed to call in the ranks of the armed forces planned a number of citizens. In the same month volunteer Myroslav Gai said that the Ukrainian army is experiencing a severe shortage of soldiers and officers, and encourage reserve officers will be massively evade service.