Kadyrov has supported the “Night wolves” the Surgeon in a dispute with Raikin

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has supported the head of the bike club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov, better known as the Surgeon, in the dispute. About this Kadyrov wrote on his page Vkontakte.


The controversy arose after the statements of the artistic Director of Satirikon theatre Konstantin Raikin that should not infringe on the freedom of creativity in art, otherwise it may return “Stalinist censorship.”


Kadyrov said that stands on the side of his “friend and brother” the Surgeon who “clearly gave the current rating”.


According to Kadyrov, someone might insult the religious feelings of thousands of Orthodox people, blaming it on art. In saying this, Kadyrov gave the context of the play “Jesus Christ superstar”.


“Jesus Christ is one of the most revered Muslims of the prophets. Putting on the performances to a distorted reality, causing insult not only to Christians but to all Muslims,” wrote Kadyrov.


October 24, Konstantin Raikin said that some social organizations restrict the activities in the art of posing as the Champions of morality.


The surgeon sharply criticized a statement Raikin, saying that such as it is, “I want to turn the country into the gutter”.

Photo: kadyrov_95/Instagram