In the Israeli airport have detained 140 the citizens of Ukraine

In the Israeli airport have detained 140 the citizens of Ukraine

TEL AVIV, 16 Feb — RIA Novosti. About 140 Ukrainians were detained by the immigration authorities of Israel when entering the country through the international airport Ben-Gurion after the incident with the Israelis at the airport of Kiev, according to the Israeli portal Ynet.

It is noted that a total of 140 Ukrainians, who arrived in tel Aviv, were arrested, according to the testimony of the victims, about 7 hours.

As informs the edition, detained in Ben-Gurion Ukrainians were given the opportunity to get into Israeli territory, but due to the beginning of the weekend — Shabbat — they were having extra difficulty to reach the destination.

The publication suggests that detention at Ben-Gurion began after the scandal with Israeli tourists in Boryspil international airport in Kiev, where on Friday was detained 50 Israelis. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Israel in connection with this incident and demanded clarification from the Ukrainian side, after that all the detained Israelis were allowed entry. They were told that they can stay in Ukraine in accordance with their plans.

On detention at Ben-Gurion official explanation from the office of population registration and migration yet.

Previously, the migration service informed that last year in the entry into Israel a total of 430 4 refused to citizens of Ukraine, which is significantly more compared to 2017, when a failure got 1 400 Ukrainians.