War without victory

War without victory

On 15 February 1989 the last Soviet troops left Afghanistan. Thus ended the 10 year war in which the Soviet Union lost more than 15 thousand soldiers. Chronicle of the military conflict — in the photo gallery “Kommersant”.


12 December 1979 , the Politburo took the decision to send troops to Afghanistan. The occasion was the murder of Nur Muhammad Taraki — founder of the people’s democratic party of Afghanistan and the first leader of the Republic of Afghanistan. Came to power Hafizullah Amin that Moscow was seen as a coup.

5 April 1980 the USSR and Afghanistan signed a Treaty to stay in Afghanistan of Soviet troops. The document was discussed, the fact that Afghanistan would be the Soviet forces numbering up to 60 thousand soldiers. Forces will consist of infantry, artillery, tanks and other troops. In addition, there will be aircraft in the amount of up to 200 aircraft and helicopters.

NewsPutin awarded Mr Kovtun the title of Hero of Russia during the Afghan war

On 15 February 1989 the year I left Afghanistan for the second time. The first was in may of 1988 — as part of the 15th special forces brigade, it was the first Soviet convoy, which originated from the country. But before I called the chief of the political Department of the army, Lieutenant-General Zakharov, Alexander, and offered to become his Deputy. I said willing him to serve at least until the victory of the world revolution. Normally these assignments were in Moscow for a very long time, but here just before I cross the border I was sent back by the Deputy head of the political section of the 40th army, I returned to Kabul and served to the end” — tells the story of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan Colonel Oleg Krivopalov. Read more.

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