In Canada, the unknown stole the water from the iceberg more than $9 thousand

In Canada, the unknown stole the water from the iceberg more than $9 thousand

In the canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador police are investigating a case of theft unknown waters of iceberg more than $9 thousand. On 13 February, reports CBC News.

We are talking about the theft of about 30 thousand liters of water from melted icebergs, which was intended for the production of vodka.

“We consider the version with the tanker or trailer for tractor,” said the policeman Andy Renwick.

The representative of the company (his name is not called), which deals with the transfer of fresh water in icebergs reported that during transport the water is probably already spoiled. Because of this, it lost its properties and is now almost useless. “Lord, what are they going to do with this?” he asked.

Water from icebergs is valued for its purity and is used to make alcoholic drinks of premium-class cosmetic products, as well as for premium bottled water.

The process of obtaining water from icebergs complex and potentially dangerous because their density is similar to concrete. But, as writes the Guardian, received from them the water is one of the cleanest on the planet.

Water from icebergs harvested in late spring, when they pass by the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. While bottled water sold worldwide, including in China, Korea and Saudi Arabia, and its cost can reach up to hundreds of dollars per bottle.

It is reported that this is the first such robbery in Canada. However, in 2012, from a warehouse in Quebec, stole the maple syrup for the sum more than 18 million canadian dollars (about $13.5 million), which was the largest robbery in the history of the country.