As modern technologies make life easier for lovers

As modern technologies make life easier for lovers

A few years ago, we thought about this and think I didn’t.

To have romance in our day has become much more comfortable. Now there are phones, video conferencing, online Dating services and much more. In honor of Valentine’s Day we have collected for you a selection of the most unusual and interesting fixtures that will appeal to lovers.

Smart mattress

Many couples who already live together, are often faced with the problem of “night of the capture area” — when a partner in a dream almost pushes you off the bed. Specifically for such cases automotive company Ford has developed a unique smart mattress called Lane-Keeping Bed.

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This miracle thing works on the principle of automotive technology that helps keep the car in the center lane. The mattress reacts to the weight shift and using a moving tape scrolls the mattress, moving the sleeping man in the center.

Gadget to transfer kisses

Postgraduate student of the University of London has created a device that will appeal to couples, often in separation. Small gadget, the size of a phone, connects to smartphone via headphone Jack. On the device you can see the touch surface, which has sensors.

They show the contact force of the lips, so you can always send your partner a real strong kiss.

However, while the device can only work with smartphones that operate on iOS.

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By the way, a similar device called the Kissenger is already sold in the market from 2017. This fresh device, which parts are connected by a wireless connection and looks like a cute pig. When one partner kisses the device, “partner” duplicates kiss thanks to integrated in the housing of the motor.

Glow pillow and heart beat

Another device that should be like love at a distance. This pillows Pillow Talk. The kit consists of two pillows and special straps that attach at the breast.

When one of the partners to go to bed, the pillow begins to emit a soft light and warm, and against her ear, you can hear the heartbeat of your favorite.During the download an error has occurred.

By the way, it is now possible to select multiple dialing options. For example, instead of the glowing pillows to take only the device transmits the heartbeat, and instead of straps to choose bracelets or rings that will also read the pulse of the partner.

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The Durex company decided to go further and facilitate in love long-distance relationships in a more intimate sense. Development of the company — special linen Durex Fundawear, which is able to transmit the touch of a partner, even over long distances. This is done through a special application for a smartphone or tablet. At the time, until one of the partners touches the screen of the device in the right place, to another that touch is transmitted via linen.

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