The Russian students sent to remove the snow during gym class

The Russian students sent to remove the snow during gym class

Two students of school No. 69 in Ufa (Republic of Bashkortostan) tore back and three got sick after the gym teacher sent them instead of a lesson remove snow from school grounds, according to TV channel “All Ufa”.

According to students of the graduating class, in advance of cleaning they were not warned, and many were too lightly dressed for physical work on the street. “It became clear that the whole class sick, it’s dart [nose], a cough. Today, one boy barely came to school, nobody wants to miss class, since we have the exam,” said one of the Schoolgirls.

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It clarifies the channel, the principal of the school during the incident, was out of town. The teacher applied the disciplinary sanction, however, does not specify what.

At the end of January teachers of the Saratov school № 95 sent to remove the snow during the work day and compacted it into a canvas bag. By results of check has dismissed the chief of Department of education of administration of October district of Saratov. Was also reprimanded Deputy chief of staff for social services and the Director of the school.