Russia creates the most severe shock drone. What we know about him?

Russia creates the most severe shock drone. What we know about him?

In January 2019, the network appeared the first photos of a prototype of Russian heavy shock-reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) With a 70 “Hunter”. The official specifications of the drone is still unknown, but surely seen its relationship with the fifth generation fighter, the su-57.

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Story-70 began in August 2009, when it became known that the “Dry” and “MiG” started joint work on heavy strike UAV. In July 2012 it was reported that the lead developer of the drone will become the first company. This program is a stealth combat UAV “Scat” from “MiG” was suspended, although the layout was exhibited in August 2007 at the VIII International aviation and space salon MAKS-2007 and rose into the air three first flight of the prototype su-57 (T-50−1, T-50−2 and T-50−3) from the “Dry”.

Newsthe Fighter “Sukhoi T-50”: the most technologically advanced of the military aircraft

The construction of a demonstrator “Hunter” was charged with the Novosibirsk aviation plant (part of Sukhoi). The result of all work on the project of the Russian defense Ministry in early 2010-ies saw the creation by the end of 2010’s and early 2020-ies of heavy unobtrusive shock reconnaissance drone, characterized by high speed and autonomy, as well as similar performance characteristics to the aircraft of the sixth generation.

Work on the creation of the first flight of the prototype of the “Hunter” has reached the final phase in 2018, for the first time under the open sky drone rolled out in June 2018. Then it was reported that the developer has received the grounds for the declassification of the appearance of the drone, and there was a high unification of the drone with a fighter of the fifth generation. A month later it became known that part of artificial intelligence and autonomy “Hunter” is a prototype of the sixth generation fighter, but will not receive the function of decision making on the use of weapons, which remains man.

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In November 2018 drone “ran” on the runway of the Novosibirsk aviation plant, after gaining 200 kilometers per hour in accordance with the test program. While taxiing, the takeoff, and stop at the end of the strip was performed by a fully Autonomous drone. The first flight of the S-70 to be held in 2019.

Invisible settings

According to the latest unofficial data, the takeoff weight of the “Hunter” will be 25 tons, of which 2.8 tons will be in service. The wingspan of the UAV will be 19 meters. At length the car reaches 14 meters. At low altitude drone needs to develop a supersonic speed 1.4 thousand kilometers per hour, range of flight will be five thousand kilometres. These features far exceed the parameters that, in particular, voiced unofficially informed.

NewsIn search of the drone: what impact the devices will get Russia

Raises questions propulsion system “Hunter”. Judging by the pictures, which appeared in January 2019, a prototype of the drone could get one of the variants of the power unit AL-41F, which allows to achieve supersonic speeds to besforsazhny mode. However, since the shots have the C-70 can not see the vertical tail, the drone, most likely, will not be of high maneuverability.

One would assume that, being executed on the aerodynamic configuration “flying wing”, one of the main advantages of the drone will be stealth. However, this view raises many questions, in case the “Hunter” the engine of the first stage from the su-57, which does not meet the requirements for aircraft fifth and especially sixth generation. It is not excluded that such problems have a S-70 there, or they will be solved in the coming years.

The newsIn the United States called weaknesses of the Russian “Hunter”And again the rockets

Together with the first S-70, the network got pictures of the T-50−3, the keel of which is the drawing of the drone, and the housing lower part — a silhouette of a drone. Later it became known that the flight model of the su-57 is fulfilled avionics-70. Presumably, a bunch of 20-30 armed drones, to cover two or three maneuverable fighters will cause irreparable damage to the infrastructure of a potential enemy.