In Japan stole a 400 year-old bonsai tree valued at nearly $100 thousand

In Japan stole a 400 year-old bonsai tree valued at nearly $100 thousand

Thieves stole from the garden in the Japanese Prefecture of Saitama, near Tokyo seven bonsai trees, among which were 400-year-old car is almost 10 million yen ($90 thousand). On 11 February, told CNN.

The garden belongs to Seiji Iimura. His family grows bonsai trees for five generations. Robbery victims believe that the criminals are well versed in the art of bonsai, because of the three thousand trees chose the most expensive instances. Total damage was estimated at 13 million yen ($ 118 000). On the black market they can get so much more.

The master’s wife Fuyumi Iimura said that the family belonged to the trees, like children. She asked the thieves to take care of them and watered regularly. Iimura added that the trees will live longer than owners with proper care.

The most valuable 400 — year-old juniper varieties the simpak. His ancestors Iimura found on the hillside in the XVII century. Masters of the centuries was made of wood a work of art. At the time of the theft the simpak was about a meter high and 70 centimeters wide.




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The newspaper “Asahi Shimbun” wrote that the family Iimura kept the garden open so people could admire the trees. The most valuable specimen in the collection is also not protected. Now the family Iimura is going to strengthen security measures.

Bonsai the art of growing miniature versions of real trees. This style emerged in China and literally means “grown in a tray”. In the sixth century Buddhist monks brought the art to Japan. Growing bonsai trees is a laborious task. Plants need to constantly prune and allow their root system to the correct size. .