“Genie blue Shrek”: the first reaction to the trailer for “Aladdin” guy Ritchie

“Genie blue Shrek”: the first reaction to the trailer for “Aladdin” guy Ritchie

At the ceremony “Grammy” Disney unveiled the long-awaited trailer for the new “Aladdin” by guy Ritchie. Until then, the Studio has already published the teaser and promo photos, but in the new movie viewers first showed will Smith in the canonical form of a Genie with the blue skin, emerging from the lamp.

The reaction was the expected negative one, the trailer actively put dislikes on Youtube (at the moment the roller 14 dislikes thousand to 17 thousand likes), and Twitter laughing at the CGI graphics in the form of a Genie.


— Matt Patches (@misterpatches) 11 Feb 2019.

I don’t know what everyone is complaining about, I think the genie looks great in the new aladdin trailer pic.twitter.com/RGjIAs1szV

— PJ (@kickthepj) 11 Feb 2019.

“I don’t understand why everyone is complaining. I think Genie looks gorgeous in the new trailer for “Aladdin” (pictured Tobias Funk, one of the characters of the American sitcom “arrested development”. — Esquire)

Will Smith out here looking like the first Smurf to have a Four Loko and not look back in #aladdin pic.twitter.com/ujrAVKAZ0x

— Jay Washington (@MrJayWashington) 11 Feb 2019.

“Will Smith is similar to the first Smurf who tried Four Loko (line of alcoholic beverages with a high caffeine content. — Esquire)

Will Smurth #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/TQ7JHGYdnJ

— John Scott (@Scott_John) 11 Feb 2019.

“Will Smurf”

This looks like a blue version of Shrek. #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/7xCEg46WvS

— Caillou Pettis (@CaillouPettis) 11 Feb 2019.

“He’s like a blue version of Shrek”

Listen, I don’t know why these things come to me, but they do, maybe it’s god, I dunno. #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/fsyRcKxxU0

— Justin Epperson (@sprsk) 11 Feb 2019.

Aladdin, get out of my swamp! pic.twitter.com/pkKHUMfBRj

— GOAT Movie Podcast (@GOATfilmpodcast) 11 Feb 2019.

“Get out of my swamp!”

not sure about these Avatar sequels pic.twitter.com/sY4LvqdR9h

— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) February 11, 2019.

“Not sure about this sequel to “Avatar”

Aladdin (2019) pic.twitter.com/bfPDQpOzu1

— Sean Maguire (@SeanMaguir) 11 Feb 2019.

Will Smith looks great as the Genie in #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/CCJ377Qt5y

— Michael Tannenbaum (@iamTannenbaum) 11 Feb 2019.

“Will Smith looks great in the image of the Genie”

Many cited poor quality of graphics compared to the upcoming inadaptation “the Lion King” and “Dumbo”.

The Lion King and Dumbo look amazing so why Aladdin looks like one of those cheap direct to dvd disney films? pic.twitter.com/Z4ziBQCOb7

— Sergio-EL (@sergioees) 11 Feb 2019.

The lion king and Dumbo look amazing, so why Aladdin looks like one of those cheap direct to DVD movies Disney?

Or in comparison with Thanos from “Avengers”.

First look at Will Smith playing the role of Thanos”s cousin “Lewis” in the upcoming Marvel film “Avengers: End Game” pic.twitter.com/E8YrMMB0AU

— Saltydkdan (@saltydkdan) 11 Feb 2019.

First look at will Smith playing the role of a cousin of Thanos “Lewis” in the upcoming Marvel movie “Avengers: End game”

1992 Genie vs 2019 Genie#Aladdin pic.twitter.com/Zy4YWAUYEN

— Erik Davis (@ErikDavis) 11 Feb 2019.

“The Genie in 1992 against the Genie in 2019”

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