Netizens discuss the most absurd compliments

Netizens discuss the most absurd compliments

And some of them do scare me.

A Twitter user started a social network conversation about the most unusual compliments. He said that he got this from a doctor, which noted the beauty of his pelvic bones.

What’s the weirdest compliment you’ve done?

I was once told that I have a very beautiful pelvis

— Anatoly nogotochki? (@A_Kapustin) 9 Feb 2019

Subscribers appreciated the compliment and noted that doctors often make ambiguous comments. Although, judging by the responses to face with a strange and very controversial compliments anywhere you want.

“You are still beautiful! ❤ this” inst from the Korean girl three months after Dating.

— mashawannasay (@mashawannasay) 9 Feb 2019

“You’re still beautiful.”

I often say that I have eyes like Benedict Cumberbatch, I find it a strange compliment, because in my opinion it looks something like this

— The diplomatic mission of Uruguay (@think_not_think) 9 Feb 2019

my dentist told me that I have a very Flirty deuce

— lovergirl (@CtrlXmymember) 9 Feb 2019

My favorite is when after the kiss I said, “You don’t look like a bag of warm jelly”

— Valkyrie a retired (@oldValkyrie) 10 Feb 2019

I have hat Burgundy color and hair pastel pink. I said, “you have such a hair color, like the hat yours they faded.” It was a compliment, I said.

— Ksenya (@Ksenitale) 10 Feb 2019

Don’t pluck Your unibrow, it becomes You so much!

— Valentin Rastvortsev (@VRastvortsev) 9 Feb 2019

I once told a girl that she smells like my grandmother’s!
Spoiler: my grandma smells like Lenora!

— Anta (@Axax_Anatoly) 10 Feb 2019

“Your blue eyes sparkle like sun-dried fish” (I have green).

— Female protagonist (@ijfltf) 10 Feb 2019

“girl, you so beautifully paced” and “you have eyes like a cow”

— Ms. Ra (@dan1_ra) 10 Feb 2019

My friend keeps touching my head with the words “God what are you cool skull”

— Anastasia (@tvojuchitel) 10 Feb 2019

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