In Venezuela recorded a video of a huge meteorite

In Venezuela recorded a video of a huge meteorite

Venezuelans witnessed the rare phenomenon. They were able to watch the fall of a large celestial body, which, apparently, is a meteorite.

Moreover, the Venezuelans were able to shoot this rare sight on video. The meteorite was recorded by different people who have posted spectacular shots on Twitter.

Falling celestial body clearly visible against the background of relatively clear evening sky.

On one of the rollers of the surveys conducted from the window of a house. Judging by the excited voices overs, witnessed the unusual phenomena were girls.

Usuarios en las redes sociales reportan una gran luz en el cielo de Caracas. Me hacen llegar este video

— Miguel Malliotakis (@Malliotakis_) 10 Feb 2019

On another video a meteorite hit the frame during the filming of the holiday with dancing, miraculously reviving the party.

Casual #meteorito

— Michelle Mi (@Michelle_Velz) 10 Feb 2019

According to eyewitnesses, the meteorite fell on the evening of Saturday 9 February in the town of Valencia.