The interior Ministry will check reports of “human shield” of cars in Vladimir

The interior Ministry will check reports of “human shield” of cars in Vladimir

BRYANSK, 10 Feb — RIA Novosti. The interior Ministry will check reports of “human shield” of cars in Vladimir, said regional office.

Earlier in the network appeared the video, which shows how the traffic police are trying to stop the cab, hitting while moving in the passing cars. At some point the car stops, but when the police are trying to open doors of cars, the driver abruptly resumes movement.

The video is accompanied by comments about what the inspectors in order to stop the cab, put the vehicles of ordinary drivers “human shield”.

The police said that the incident occurred the day before on the Federal highway M-7 “Volga”. In the direction of Moscow were moving the Skoda Rapid, the driver has not stopped on request of police officers, drove into the oncoming lane and through the intersection on forbidding signal of the traffic light. The announcement came in a call center, then the detention of the vehicle was sent to the police squads.

The driver of a foreign car’t responded to demands of police officers about a stop, made dangerous maneuvers, collided with a few moving cars.

Police said that in the conditions of heavy traffic it was impossible to use special means for stopping the vehicle. According to the report, given the extreme situation on a stationary post of traffic police the police blocked the traffic flow. At this point, the car failed to stop, but when the traffic police tried to open the car door, the car abruptly started again.

“At 17.45 on 150 km of the highway M — 7 “Volga” the car was stopped and driver was arrested. He was a resident of the city of Volgograd, worked as a taxi driver… the actions of the driver 4 of the vehicle received mechanical damages, victims are not present”, — is spoken in the message.

The inspection found that the driver was repeatedly brought to responsibility for violation of traffic rules, and previously deprived of the right of control of the vehicle.

Signs of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication it is not revealed. Cause dangerous behaviour of the detainee on the road is established.