Scenery Hitler failed to sell at auction

Scenery Hitler failed to sell at auction

Customers questioned the authenticity of the on sale works.

Weidler auction house failed to sell at auction in Nuremberg paintings, the authorship of which is attributed to the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler, reports The Guardian.

It is about five watercolor landscapes, supposedly written by Hitler in the period when he lived in Vienna and dreamed of becoming an artist. Of the estimated 19 to 45 thousand euros. At the auction also exhibited to his wicker chair.

Any work at auction failed to sell because of doubts about the authenticity of the work and high prices. Part of lots removed from the sale a few days before the auction.

The representative of the Central Institute of art history of Munich noted that one of those paintings is very difficult to verify due to their mediocrity — they look like hundreds of other works of the same period.

Ulrich Maly, mayor of Nuremberg — the city where, in 1945, held a Tribunal over Nazi criminals, called the auction a manifestation of bad taste.