Gazprombank denies the transfer of accounts of PDVSA

Gazprombank denies the transfer of accounts of PDVSA

Gazprombank has denied information about the transfer to the credit institution the Bank accounts of joint ventures the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA.


Previously on the transfer of accounts reported Reuters citing a source and an internal document of the company.

“Information Reuters untrue. As one of the largest oil company in the world, PDVSA has open accounts at many major banks, including international. In cooperation with several Russian companies-clients of the Bank, in the GPB group a few years ago was also opened accounts with PDVSA. We emphasize, however, that no new accounts have been opened or planned by the Bank for opening”, — said “Kommersant” in Gazprombank.

Reuters claimed that, in addition to transfer to the Bank your own cash, PDVSA also instructed customers of the joint venture to transfer funds from oil sales to new accounts of a Russian Bank.

The accounts of the Agency associated with the US-led sanctions against the company on January 28. Washington, in particular, prohibited the transfer to the accounts of PDVSA funds from the United States, and also blocked the accounts of three large refineries of PDVSA in the United States, owned by Citgo, which is controlled by Venezuela.

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