A chimpanzee escaped from Belfast zoo with a stick

A chimpanzee escaped from Belfast zoo with a stick

Moscow. 10 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — a Chimpanzee escaped from its enclosure at Belfast zoo, using broken tree branches, reports The Guardian.

The wind broke some branches of trees growing on site, and the animals used most of it as a ladder leaned against the stick to the wall. Visitors could remove the time of the escape on video.

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The representative of the city administration, said that one of the chimpanzees left the aviary for a short period of time, but the zoo was close and the animal immediately returned to relatives.

The zoo also confirmed that chimpanzees quickly returned to the cage, as “they’re intelligent apes, and I know that should not be beyond its territory.”

According to The Guardian, last month from the same zoo escaped red Panda amber, which is found a mile from the zoo.