In the sewers of the Danish city found medieval sword

In the sewers of the Danish city found medieval sword

Archaeologists could not believe my luck.

Pipelay Yannick Vestergaard and engineer Henning ner when laying pipes in the Danish city of Aalborg discovered a sword from the 14th century.

A weapon with a length of 112 cm and a weight of about a kilogram was hiding underground in a layer of dirt from the pipes.

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The finding showed the archaeologists from the Historical Museum of Northern Jutland. According to them, it was an expensive weapon that could belong to the elite warriors of the middle Ages.

It remains a mystery how the sword was lost. Rather, he “drowned” in mud during the defense of Aalborg. Today it is the fourth largest city in Denmark.

Have a double-edged sword has a long longitudinal groove on the body of the blade. Contrary to popular perception, she did not serve to drain the blood, and to alleviate the weight of the sword.

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Archaeologists have not come to a common opinion when he was made the sword. Rather, it was forged in the 12th century, and lost — at the beginning of the 14th. The marks on the blade talking about the fact that the weapon has experienced at least 3-4 of the battle.

According to scientists, such expensive swords out of warriors ‘ burials are extremely rare. The sword in Aalborg has been found 20 km from the old cemetery, but human remains was near him.

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