Heavenly fairies: what secrets are kept by flight attendants

Heavenly fairies: what secrets are kept by flight attendants

Flight attendants — the rowdy, smuggling, lifehacks and “star” passengers.

On Saturday, February 9, Russia celebrates the Day of civil aviation. 96 years ago, in 1923, in our country came to its fleet, and is now difficult to imagine life without a request to buckle up, no Smoking throughout the flight and painful choice — fish or chicken? How to get free in business class, the brandy by the glass and dish your favorite players — see the article “Izvestia”.

The girl with the dragon tattoo

The routine of the flight attendants is a strict adherence to the instructions. Rest between flights a day, rarely two or three, and sometimes from arrival until departure will be hardly an hour. Strict business style. Prescribe all: the color of pins, nails, the shape of the frame, the length of the hair. No more than two rings on hand and one earring in the ear. Crucifix is supposed to hide under my shirt, because religion is a personal matter.

“There are people who allow themselves to come, for example, in white boots. We have spelled out: boots shaped black, issued in the warehouse. But she somehow decided that white will be better — says the hostess Ekaterina Usova (please note the names of our interviewees changed, the coincidences are accidental; some of the airline are extremely attentive to the sayings of their employees, just that — point to the output). — If the mistake can be corrected, send to fix, but write a comment. This entails sanctions: deprivation of bonuses, the conversation with the boss, which is always unpleasant.”

But the release is looming on the horizon as the flight attendants are in a hurry enough to enjoy the freedom to paint hair in all colors of the rainbow, weaves dreadlocks and braids, stuffed with a new tattoo, frightening members Vlek (medical / flight expert Commission). Arms, legs, back, chest — tattoos safely hidden from the sight of curious passengers.

“I’m almost every medical Board pass additionally a psychiatrist, because I think that a normal person tattoo will not do. And as soon as you get a new tattoo, then “the bell”: “Kate, that we never saw!”. Vlek takes its roots from the Soviet era, and the standards have remained the same and employees-Martinet. Me the first time said, “Tattoos make sailors and port whores, and who are you?” Explain that the world has changed, mayors, presidents of countries go with a tattoo, it’s like art… useless!” — Catherine shakes her head.

Far East — a delicate matter

Last year the airline received the right to make their black lists of passengers. The best places in the infamous document for the brawlers and brawlers. Such, alas, is still missing. To recognize potential bullies trying from the threshold: at first glance, the friendly flight attendant just greeted at the entrance, and in fact in two seconds if scans all incoming.

“In my memory — we long did not take off because of one passenger. Was like OK — we’re at the entrance closely, and then the passengers began to complain, was asked to transplant, and nowhere to go: summer, the plane is full. Brawled until the plane was rolling: “Crimea is ours, Crimea is not ours”. Now the conversation with rowdy isn’t very long. Do the warning. If not, report to the commander, as in the case of the passenger I was not, otherwise the flight could end badly. The commander contacted the ground services — the police came and got her,” — says “Izvestiya” flight attendant Maria Ermakova.

Not on purpose, but somehow Maria said: wildest flights mostly from the Far East: Magadan, Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Apparently, the harsh conditions of life leave an indelible imprint on the character or habits.

“Can’t say that on every flight, but have already noticed: the business class passengers from the Far East drink all the alcohol. Was the case: one took on Board, and his countryman — no (went stumbling, nearly fell off the ladder, and we decided to call the doctor, so he concluded). The second he swore, swore: “Take me to your wife and son need.” Sorry on its head,” recalls Maria. At the end of the flight it was a pity the whole plane. All the way man brawled, so I had to provide him the individual flight attendant. And only on approaching the bully calmed down and fell asleep like a baby.

The scandal on Board is always Commission, reports, delayed flights, so not in all cases, the flight attendants decide to bring the case to the extreme.

“In the manual stipulates that if the person does so-and-so, then you are obliged to call the police. But people also come on the plane tired, they pass through the 25 instances! A notice: come to the airport and pass through so many places where I shake my nerves, that I want to throw out all the anger on the endpoint, but you can’t — Catherine does not like to make unnecessary dirty linen in public. — I’d rather be hurt (within the limits of decency), than I’ll raise my papers, cause the service is always delayed. So the man (and it is most often a man) will sit, think, and then at the end of the flight come over and say: “Girl, sorry, tired, ticked off. Was not right!” And thanks for that. Of course, the insane rampage is another matter. But even drunk, but quiet, not bothering anyone, let him fly, still sleep the whole flight. The main thing — to understand at once whether this person has problems or not. Some passengers even know me. “Oh, Hello!” — “I promise that everything will be okay?” “Yes, of course, accompanied me last time, drank too much, sorry…”.

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