Firefighters showed why it is better to sleep with the door closed

Firefighters showed why it is better to sleep with the door closed

Convincing argument.

Employees of the fire Department of new Fairfield, in the U.S. state of Connecticut, has published a photo taken at one of the fires.

Why you should always sleep with the bedroom door closed via @MetroUK

— Richard HP (@richardhp) 8 Feb 2019

The photo shows the door to the bedroom, which is completely damaged by fire on one side and virtually unscathed on the other.

Firefighters said that if in this room during the fire there were people, they would not have suffered thanks to the closed door.

But if she was open to victims to avoid the failed.

Firefighters also said that during this incident no one was injured and the owners of the house along with their dogs were evacuated in time. Interesting photo of the firefighters in new Fairfield shared not only with users of social networks, but also with their colleagues from other cities. And now the picture they use to illustrate the lessons on fire safety.

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