The Russians shared in the Network tips for saving money

The Russians shared in the Network tips for saving money

Really useful life hacks.

Anyway, and life is every day becomes more and more expensive, but because Twitter user its tridom about how to save money, touched the hearts of many people.

The girl said, never shop hungry, otherwise spends on food is much more than expected (in fact, many familiar with this fact). She also asked followers to share their lifehacks that help them to save.

Economic theme. Share your lifehacks that allow you to save money.

For example, I strictly don’t shop (any) hungry, because in my fasted state check is 2 times more impossible).

— mashawannasay (@mashawannasay) February 6, 2019

And users clearly perked up, starting to offer logical ways that will help to avoid unnecessary expenses.

A lot of work.
When a lot of work, not enough time to go to the store.

— vaaaaaaaa ᴢᴀᴍᴋᴀᴅ (@onezamkad) February 6, 2019

Try to spend no more than 500 PE day.
If still bought the odd is greater than 500 then another day I sit and spend ?
(Particularly important goods such as medicines are not affected)

— why cava (@kawakavas) February 7, 2019

In advance in my head and figure out what I’ll eat for Breakfast-lunch-dinner and buy products in strictly the correct amount under the plan. For example do not ever buy from 5kg mesh potatoes, half in the trash will fly, because sprouted.

— Niko (@NikoStolz) February 6, 2019

The murdered live in a rented house, that counts as savings? Decent is a month on a 20K more expensive

— Autonomous (@Zo1m) February 6, 2019

If you are hungry don’t go to the store, the headphones put the music quieter. Intense music during peak hours in the stores affect the permeability and spontaneous purchases in the same way as hunger.

— kefir4er (@kefir4er) February 6, 2019

Savings through social networks. Always buy in one place and just have a friendly chat with people(sellers/owners). With this approach, discounts and other preferences themselves coming at you)

— Quetzalcoatl (@theKetsal) February 6, 2019

Never buy anything in one place

That is the interface (@buldozerxxx) February 6, 2019

My biggest life hack is not to save. Lack of money is the main motivator to earn them, and if they will always be, why work harder?)

— Gensi ☮ (@fcuktv) February 6, 2019

Soot field and dig potatoes with his family since ‘ 98. Very beneficial in the summer to make frozen bell peppers, various greens, celery, tomatoes – even if no garden, so many that you can buy on the stock, will be cheaper than later in winter to buy it fresh, the taste is OK

— Kitic (@alinarook) February 6, 2019

Order groceries delivered to the house, so just do the extra grab in the store

— Vasily Anisimov  (@anivaros) February 7, 2019

Cut myself…

— Yakudza Warface (@warface_yakudza) February 6, 2019

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