Actor Panin said that in Russia are “idiots”

Actor Panin said that in Russia are “idiots”

MOSCOW, 7 Feb — RIA Novosti. Actor Alexey Panin was rudely spoken out against the Russians, critically evaluating his behavior in public.

The actor said that he likes to provoke the audience.

“How I love to mock idiots who inhabit most of this country!” — Panin wrote in Instagram.

The actor caused a backlash even from his fans, despite the fact that many of them considered themselves to be “smaller part of the country.”

“Thank you of course for idiots, well here I for example signed up for you as a public person, why do you speak so about your subscribers”, — said the user.

Previously, Panin has published in Instagram photo of the passport with the American visa, hinting at their emigration to the United States.