Ural geologists moved the border of Europe and Asia per kilometer

Ural geologists moved the border of Europe and Asia per kilometer

A new border between Europe and Asia was established by the geologists of the Ural mining University in the region. As a result, the territory of Europe increased — the border moved East in the 800 meters.

“The fact that the former border between the continents marked incorrectly, found during an expedition to the Ural mountains. The inaccuracy of the previous layout showed many studies. In particular, we found the watershed, the place where the from lakes rivers flowing in different directions. This place is a tectonic fracture, the depth of one hundred meters. Further in the mountains may see rocks on the surface in one direction, where the joint platforms. According to the results of the expedition were presented in Moscow at the meeting of the “Russian geographical society”,” told “URA.RU” Farit Nurmukhametov, Director of the “Ural center of stone” uggu.

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Now geologists are seeking to define a new boundary on the ground. “Previously, on the old border were metal signs, but the indigenous people took it for scrap. We have to put up stone signs weighing half a ton, which will carry off is not so easy. Will engrave reindeer sled that will not raise a hand the locals,” says Nurmukhametov.

One stone near the pike lake have already established, the second will be delivered in the mountains. In the manufacture of the memorial sign is ready to help the Federal penitentiary service, which has a lapidary workshop in the colony in settlement Harp. Help geologists promise and in the administration of the Governor YANAO.

The old border ran along the hill. A memorial sign installed on the new frontier of continents Firat Nurmukhametov marked out a new border during a joint expedition uggu with the magazine “Uralskiy Sledopyt”.