Old “Volga” took Tesla in tow (photos)

Old “Volga” took Tesla in tow (photos)

Electrocare needed help.

In social networks is gaining popularity is the photo on which “Volga” GAZ-3102, discontinued in 2008, was taken in tow by electric car Tesla.

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The Tesla brand is synonymous with advanced technology, as well as the name of Elon musk — flying to Mars. But modern car, which in Russia is from 10 to 16 million rubles, suddenly needed help, “the old man”. “How about this, Elon Musk?” — ask jokers.

Readers have suggested that the Tesla battery is dead, and the place for recharging in cities across the country are still hard to find. In the beginning of 2018 in Russia, there were 1,800 electric cars.

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