A friend of the Senator by Arashukova General was asked to remove him from office

A friend of the Senator by Arashukova General was asked to remove him from office

First Deputy head of the Investigative Committee of Russia on the Karachay-Cherkessia major-General of justice Kazbek Bulatov filed a report about his dismissal from office. Information was confirmed by “the Ribbon.ru” the Investigative Committee of Russia.

A report submitted to the head of Department Alexander Bastrykin.

“He remains an employee of SC, but ceases to hold office,” — said in the UK. Now the report of General is pending. The question about the future of Bulatov.

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General filed a report immediately after the visit to the Central office of the TFR in Moscow, where he gave an explanation about their friendship with a member of the Federation Council of KCHR Rauf Arashukov arrested and charged with two murders. In a survey of Bulatov confirmed that I was friends with the Senator, but not contrary to the interests of the service.

About the close friendship Arashukova with senior security officials of the Republic told the relatives of the victims. According to them, thanks to this friendship, the Senator for many years avoided criminal prosecution for his involvement in the murders. Bulatov and Arashukov went together to restaurants, the General was on the birthday of the Senator, along with other distinguished guests.

Bulatov was appointed Deputy head of management SKR on KCHR in 2007.

Arashukova detained on 30 January in the building of the upper house of Parliament and was accused of killing the Deputy head of the youth movement “Adyge-Khase” of Aslan Zhukov and presidential adviser KCR of Frala Shebzukhova.

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Senator from the Caucasus were detained at the meeting. He is accused of murder and incitement to overthrow the government.

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