U.S. runner strangled attacking Cougar

U.S. runner strangled attacking Cougar

MOSCOW, 6 Feb — RIA Novosti. Cougar attacked the man making a run in the nature Park in the U.S. state of Colorado, the runner was able to defend himself and strangled the animal, the newspaper reports the Denver Post.

“On Monday, February 4, a young Cougar attacked a jogger. The victim was able to defend itself from attack, in the result the animal died. Runner subsequently was able to leave the Park and got to the local hospital”, — reported in Facebook organization Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which controls parks and reserves Colorado.

On Monday, Feb. 4 at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, a trail runner was attacked by a juvenile mountain lion. The victim…

Published by Colorado Parks and Wildlife Tuesday, 5 February 2019At boot time the error occurred.

Writes the Denver Post, a representative of Colorado Parks and Wildlife Rebecca Ferrell said that at first the Puma was going for a man because he attacked and talons at the wrist.

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With his free hand the man was able to find a stone on the ground and struck the Cougar on the head. Then he managed to clasp the animal’s neck and fell to the ground. After the runner was able to free the wrist from the fangs, he jumped on the back of a Puma and strangled her with his hands and feet.

The man then got into the car and arrived at the hospital with bite marks and lacerations on the hands and face.

“It’s crazy, but it’s true… he had no weapons, no knives, no trekking poles with me” — leads edition of the words of Ferrell.

On Tuesday morning the man was released from the hospital.

As the newspaper notes, the representatives of the service for the protection of animals later found a dead Cougar in the place where they were told the victim. As representatives of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, attacks of mountain lions in Colorado are rare, and the animal could be attracted by the man fled.