Sailed to China, came to Chukotka, Russia has returned home a lost American

Sailed to China, came to Chukotka, Russia has returned home a lost American

From Russia at the end of January were deported to their homeland, an American, John Martin III, who illegally sailed on a boat from Alaska to Chukotka six months ago. He wrote about this in his blog.

John Martin III, whom the local newspaper Anchorage Daily News describes as an oddball and a homeless activist, said he had to leave his wife and son in China, when the U.S. government recognized his passport invalid. So Martin decided on a small boat to get to China to reunite with family.

In mid-July of 2018, he went to sea on the three-meter boat from the city of Emmonak in Western Alaska. To yourself he had no money, no documents, only a driver’s license. Two weeks later, the boat Martin was driven to the coast of Chukotka. There he wanted to replenish fresh water.

Martin came ashore near a small settlement and went to the house of the man who “was similar to an eskimo”. A local resident and his wife sheltered Americans, fed him, dried his clothes and was allowed to sleep. According to Martin, the language barrier made it difficult to communicate. The last thing the traveler remembers how the owner of the house named Victor who is calling. After that, the American fell asleep.

When Martin woke up, I saw a couple of guards. The eldest of them asked a few questions on the “broken English”. American told them my story. Then the guards pulled out of the water his boat and went with him to the village of Lawrence. According to the traveler, treated him very kindly.

After a few days Martin on the plane sent to the capital of the Chukotka Autonomous district, the city of Anadyr. There he was put in the hospital. After this entry in the blog of the American interrupted until the beginning of October. Probably all that time he spent in the hospital.