In the fields in England there was a mysterious snow rolls

In the fields in England there was a mysterious snow rolls

In England was marked by a rare meteorological phenomenon: rolling through the fields of snow rolls. This large snow clods, which are formed due to the force of the wind, gravity, and specific weather conditions.

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Brian Bayliss, living in Wiltshire, I discovered a strange snow rolls on their own field.

He said at first he thought that these fancy designs blind some pranksters, but then noticed that the snow had no footprints.

Like rolls of snow occur when snow covers the ice, but does not stick to it. The snow should be fluffy and loose, and the air temperature is just above zero.

The wind must be strong enough to move the snow, but not too strong so the coils are not destroyed.

Sam Bayliss, who is a Forester, says that in all his life — and he was 51 years old — never seen anything like it.

The heart of snow rolls are usually hollow. “I could look through, and it just didn’t hit my head,” says Brian Bayliss.

He photographed these snow rolls at dawn on Saturday.

Meteorologist bi-Bi-si Ian Ferguson says that the weather conditions necessary for the occurrence of snow rolls is extremely rare.

According to him, at successful coincidence of weather conditions the snow rolls appear mainly on steep hills or lakes.

Snow rolls resemble bales of hay, large rolls or bagels.

In early January, a similar phenomenon was discovered on a Golf course in the Icelandic town of Graphiurus, near Reykjavik.

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