Astronomers have published a unique photo of the milky way

Astronomers have published a unique photo of the milky way

It was made a powerful telescope in Hawaii.

The researchers have received an unusually detailed picture of the milky way, which shows 800 million of stars and asteroids.

Milky Way map shows 800 million stars, galaxies and asteroids and it’s stunning

— Mirror Tech (@MirrorTech) on 4 February 2019

The image was obtained at the Observatory Pan-STARRS in Hawaii. Here on the island of Maui on top of Haleakala volcano, is a 1.8-meter telescope, which captures how visible and near infrared radiation. The telescope attached to the camera with a resolution of 1.4 billion pixels.

The survey was conducted in 2010. The total collected data amounted to 1.6 million gigabytes. It resulted in the most complete and detailed picture of our galaxy.

In the center of the image is the North star, and closer to the bottom image — the center of the galaxy with a massive black hole.

Beautiful red color on the picture is interstellar dust. It absorbs blue light spectrum.

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