The military did not put hot spots

The military did not put hot spots

Families of combatants in Syria have to achieve that they are entitled to payments through the court.

As it became known””, the court in Vladimir upheld the claim of the widow of the dead in Syria, the Russian officer Andrei Pylenka to the regional military registration and enlistment office, which denied her entitlement supplementary pension for loss of breadwinner. Payments to Vera Pylenok and her two children had to be indexed by 32% as family members of combat veterans, but the military refused to classify such of the deceased. In military office of public Prosecutor of the Vladimirskiy garrison told “Kommersant” that the military has always refused to recognize such claims.

The 35-year-old captain of the 3rd separate reconnaissance aviation squadron Andrew Pylenka, who was killed during the landing approach plane An-26 at the Russian base in Syria Hamim March 6, 2018, in Primorye is survived by his wife and two children. Two months after the crash Faith Pylenok along with the children moved to Vladimir, where she was born. In November last year, the officer’s widow appealed to the regional military registration and enlistment office with the request to recalculate the pensions for the survivors themselves and two children including allowances 32% to be allocated to the war veterans.

She refused, although the law provides the higher pay not only by war veterans but also their family members when a pension for loss of breadwinner.

After the failure of Faith Pylenok asked the Prosecutor. “I was told that in the end the decision is positive, you just have to go that way — from the military to the Prosecutor’s office and court”, — she told “Kommersant”. In 2003 in Chechnya killed her father, a soldier, and relatives similarly refused a supplementary pension. Ultimately, the court stood on their side. “The position of the military is that they always refuse to recognize such claims. However, some of these claims are won and restored the rights”, — explained “Kommersant” the assistant Prosecutor of the Vladimirskiy garrison Ilya Boldyrev, filed a lawsuit in the Leninsky district court of Vladimir in the interests of Faith Pylenok.

The military refused to recognize the claim on the basis that the deceased Andrew Pylenok allegedly was not a combat veteran. Meanwhile, he was on special assignment in Syria from November 7, 2017 before his death.

Moreover, according to Ms. Pylenok, veteran status her husband received in 2009 for participation in combat actions in Chechnya. The court ultimately found that “the deceased Pylenok in virtue of Express provision in the above law (“On veterans”.— “Kommersant”) was a veteran of the fighting.” January 10 this year, he ordered the military to repay the Faith of Palanok and her children pension for loss of breadwinner including allowances war veterans, and to pay lost over the past year the amount of 39.8 thousand RUB Solution has not yet entered into force.

Military transport An-26, which was Andrew Pylenok, crashed while landing at a military base in Syria Hamim 6 March 2018. On Board were 39 people, all of them died. This loss was the largest for the Ministry of defence in this campaign. According Primorsko media, the captain Pylenok shortly before his death was promoted to the rank of major, with the appropriate order it should have been present in the native part in Primorye. Since 2010, he has served on the airport Yakovlevsky district in the chief command post of the Deputy chief of staff for combat management. To this officer took part in the fighting in Chechnya and Tajikistan. Andrew Pylenok buried in Morozovsk, Rostov region.

Chairman of the interregional public organization “Union of veterans of the military serving in Syria,” Sergey Timohin said “Kommersant” that the issue of recognition of service in the SAR they are “fighting for a long time”.

According to him, this applies not only to Russian soldiers who were on mission in this country in recent years, but those who were there for the service during the Soviet Union, since 1967, as military advisers. “Hundreds, maybe even thousands,” said Mr Timokhin, stressing that he wrote letters with the request to understand a situation “in all instances” as well as the Supreme commander Vladimir Putin and the head of the defense Committee of the state Duma, the former commander of the airborne troops Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov.

Mr. Timokhin said that sometimes to achieve recognition of the fact of residence in the hot spot is difficult due to secrecy on the individual documents. “This applies to service in other countries: Egypt, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, etc.,” he added.

In turn, Chairman of the Presidium of the public organization “Officers of Russia” Anton Tsvetkov told “Kommersant” that the problem exists, but is completely solved. According to him, in such situations, any kind of Faith Pylenok, you should immediately contact the defence Ministry. “The leadership of the military is extremely sensitive to the resolution of such issues, especially if we are talking about the dead officers,” — said Mr. Flowers, noting that officials of the military authorities “respond immediately” and solely in favour of the Complainant. However, he acknowledged that there are some difficulties with the military, stationed in Syria in the Soviet era.

The fact is, in some cases, travel in this country is registered as tours and securities officers continued to serve in their units in the USSR.

Member of the safety Committee of the state Duma Alexander Hinstein also considers that very serious issue is not. He explained that a few years ago, I participated in the drafting of amendments to the law that eliminated the gap: the status of the veterans received the Russian military, participated in combat in the 1990-ies in Tajikistan. According to the Deputy, previously came to the anecdotal, when officers received combat awards and even the title of Hero of Russia, was not considered by participants and veterans of hostilities and did not receive the appropriate benefits and payments.

But at the moment, says Mr. Khinshtein, “problems should not be”, as the law clearly specifies the place of conflict, participation in which entitles you to a veteran status. He noted that the participation should be confirmed by relevant documents of the Ministry of defense, and in their absence for whatever reason — the testimony of the two witnesses.