Guido, called on the army to their side

Guido, called on the army to their side

MEXICO city, 4 Feb — RIA Novosti. The head of the National Assembly of Venezuela Juan Guido, proclaimed himself interim President of the country, said that calls for the army to move to his side.


“Soldiers, we are waiting for you. Soldier, thou wilt deny humanitarian aid to his family? If in doubt, ask your family, right now in this moment. The time has come, soldier of the Motherland”, — said Gwido at a press conference in Caracas. It is in his microblog Twitter.

Guido also expressed recognition from the Venezuelan EU countries, which recognized him as the interim head of state. “This recognition of you, Venezuelans, who never stopped the struggle to achieve democracy and freedom in Venezuela,” he said.

According to Guido, on Monday the authorities of Canada and Germany decided to allocate 6 million euros and 53 million canadian dollars (40 million U.S. dollars) respectively for the provision of humanitarian assistance to the people of the country. “Fundraising in the Colombian Cucuta has already begun,” said Guido.

The speaker of Parliament of Venezuela, Guido January 23, declared himself head of state on the validity period of the provisional government. The United States declared recognition of Guido and demanded that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, whose election they do not consider legitimate, to prevent military action against the opposition. Maduro declared himself constitutional President, and the head of the opposition Parliament called a puppet of the US.