Discovery will shoot a film about the death of the Dyatlov group

Discovery will shoot a film about the death of the Dyatlov group

The Discovery channel will shoot a film about the history of death group djatlova in the Northern Urals in 1959, writes, February 2, TASS.

“Discovery takes promote mutual understanding-poluhudozhestvennogo film. They should use the attributes of those years that I gave them…”, — said the head of the public Foundation in memory of Dyatlov’s group, Yury Kuntsevich.

According to him, the shooting will begin on February 5. On this day 9 of the cast and crew go to the scene of the tragedy.

The head of the Fund would go there the next day also to participate in the project.

2 February was the 60th anniversary of the death of nine skiers — students of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, which went to the Northern Urals group of tourists led by Igor Dyatlov. Their bodies were found in February 1959 in the vicinity of mount Otorten (the Mansi language means “mountain of the dead”).

According to official data, tourists died from frostbite, but the cause of death of some of them were traumatized. Survived only one person — he went out of his route due to the disease a few days before the incident.

There are many versions of the death of a student, including the collapse of the snow and the avalanches, death from the hands of indigenous people or escaped prisoners, the quarrel between the tourists and even the launch of a ballistic missile.

In the book “the Task of special state importance. From the history of creation of rocket-nuclear weapons and strategic Rocket forces” researchers have found a record that on 2 February 1959 at 6 am was a rocket launch from Kapustin Yar, emergency abort the flight.

During the conference, February 2 researcher Oleg Arkhipov presented to the public the archival document, which, in his opinion, may testify to the falsification of the criminal case on the fact of the tragedy.

On the same day, REN TV showed sensational results of examinations conducted 60 years after the tragedy at the pass. At the disposal of the channel was a document indicating that the authorities could know about what happened before the tourists began to look for. This may mean that Igor Dyatlov led the students not in the regular campaign.