Trump has struggled with an umbrella and lost

Trump has struggled with an umbrella and lost

While returning to Washington from the working visit, the President of the United States Donald trump couldn’t handle an umbrella, which turned inside out because of the wind. Video of the incident published in Twitter user under the name Atrupar.

The author of the post quipped: “the Umbrella isn’t working” and his tweet went on social networks. Some commentators found the incident “Russian trace”. “I think he turned the umbrella to catch the signals of the KGB,” wrote a user with the nickname DemocracyValues. Others tried to cheer up the President: “But the hair’s great,” said ExtinguishIt.

Trump megafails while trying to use an umbrella upon his return to DC

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) 29 APR 2018

10 APR ridicule of Internet users has caused outerwear President. Trump was taken during the landing of the helicopter. Attention Twitter users were attracted by a strange fit of his blue coat, and they expressed their assumptions about its origin.