Transatlantic landing

Transatlantic landing

Why the visits of European leaders to Trump ended in nothing.

In the last week of April, the US President attended in Washington the first persons of two Old world countries — France and Germany. The visit of Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel pursued both economic and political goals. However, the breakthrough, it seems, has not been achieved on any of the fronts. On the intractability of Donald trump risks for European steelmakers and the fate of the nuclear deal with Iran — in the material of the portal

Tariff “European”

Although the visit of Emmanuel Macron in the United States had the status of a state visit, and the visit of Angela Merkel was considered a work, the purpose of their stay in the American capital largely coincided.

One of the main economic objectives of the European emissaries concerned possibilities of extending the moratorium on the imposition of duties on imports of U.S. steel and aluminium from the EU.

The introduction of new protectionist tariffs — 25% for steel and 10% for aluminium — the us leader announced in March this year. Partially these measures have concerned the Russian suppliers, however, the hardest hit by steel producers from China and Europe. The latter, however, trump has given a reprieve — the new tariffs for them were introduced immediately, and from 1 may. Head of the us Department of Commerce Wilbur Ross 28 APR offered to Europe and China and other countries alternative, which, however, is more like an ultimatum — if they don’t want to pay higher fees, they need to reduce the volume of delivery up to 90% of current levels, Bloomberg reported .

While it is not clear how this proposal the EU would react, however, the negotiations Merkel and Macron trump any decisions on the situation of imported metal in the U.S. was not given. After the visit, one of the reporters asked the Chancellor whether it was possible for her to achieve from the American side promises not to enforce the new duties. “It’s up to the President, and it is absolutely clear, — said Merkel. — We exchanged views, but the decision for the President.”

For Germany, restrictions on the supply of steel and aluminium can be very painful — according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the share of Germany in the past year accounted for 4.3 percent of all U.S. imports of steel and iron and 2.4% aluminum. The money these volumes are estimated at $1.19 billion and $539 million, respectively. Washington did not seem frightened, and promised the EU response, which, according to Brussels can cost up to $3.4 billion in the year — we are talking about taxes now on American goods. Under such a “mirror” higher fares may, in particular, to get a Harley Davidson (the Corporation pays taxes at the location of the headquarters in Wisconsin — a state that in the lower house of Congress is its speaker Paul Ryan). It is hardly accidental protective measures will relate to the Bourbon drink, the “homeland” which is Kentucky, where in Europe only last year the volume of deliveries was estimated at $154 million the interests of the state, by the way, in the Senate protects the Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell, said CNBC.

No excessive hopes for success in trade negotiations with the Europeans trump Bloomberg explains, in particular, an eye of the occupant of the White house for the electorate — the President’s position “is popular among his political base.” “However, the collective failure of the efforts of the French President and the German Chancellor stressed how insignificant their influence on trump’s”, — said the Agency.