Hex removal cost Voronezh the pensioner in 400 thousand rubles

Hex removal cost Voronezh the pensioner in 400 thousand rubles

Gullible woman was left without money and gold jewelry.

In Voronezh police are searching for fortune tellers who robbed 75-the summer local resident.

The incident occurred at about 11:00 on April 24 in the street Rostov. The pensioner was approached by two strangers, and one of them started to convince a woman that sees her the evil eye, and strong damage, which can lead to illness or even death. A fortune teller promised the frightened pensioner is free to withdraw her damage. For this it was necessary to conduct a “cleansing” of all existing home and passbook money, and gold jewelry.

Zapudrili head pensioner, she sent her assistant home to the old woman, and she promised to around 16 intersections, to begin procedure of removal of damage. In some hours the pensioner brought the fortune teller all your money, 303 thousand rubles, and gold totaling about 100 thousand rubles. All valuable things, the swindler has put them in a bag and then replaced it with another and said that it should open in nine days. But the pensioner could not resist and opened the package the next money. But instead of money and gold, and there lay only a folded newspaper.

Now cheats, presumably, Roma women aged 30-40 years, wanted by the police. The guards ask local residents to be vigilant and not to succumb to provocations of suspicious persons.