“Roscosmos” helped second graders with homework in art class

“Roscosmos” helped second graders with homework in art class

Scientists defended the boy before the teacher.

When the lesson FROM the students of the second grade of a Moscow school were asked to draw a space, one of the students depicted it as “feeling,” in bright colors.

Teacher his art is not impressed, and she returned the drawing with the requirement to redraw the “more truthful”.

“Roscosmos” helped the second-grader to do art homework: https://t.co/sgObksaCSg pic.twitter.com/JuIOgwXFJz

— Life | news (@lifenews_ru) April 28, 2018

But the strict teacher is not who he was. The boy’s father wrote a message to the Corporation “Rosatom” in the social network with a request to judge who is right and attached to it a child’s drawing. And the question remained unanswered.

Employees of the company explained that far into space because of the distortion can look like anyone. Including as painted by the student.

The father of the young artist said that after the may holidays, they will return to school with the “official letter from the Roskosmos” and will achieve the highest grades for homework.