Millions of Syrians could be left without homes

Millions of Syrians could be left without homes

According to authorities the new law on real estate.


In accordance with the new law on property, adopted by the government of Bashar al-Assad the people of Syria shall, within 30 days to provide documents on the ownership of it, otherwise housing can be confiscated. Experts fear that the law will hit the opposition, refugees, displaced persons and residents of informal settlements.

According to experts, the new law of the Syrian authorities can lead to the fact that millions of Syrians will lose their homes. Law No. 10 was adopted in early April, in accordance with residents needs to confirm his property rights within 30 days starting April 11. The Ministry of local government should compile a list of homeowners for the territories under the control of the government, on the basis of documents provided by the owners or their relatives. The property that is not served documents can be confiscated and transferred to new owners.

The new law may deprive of property as supporters of the opposition fighting the regime of Bashar al-Assad and left the country. During the conflict more than half of the population of Syria had to leave their homes and go abroad.

As the head of the middle East center Carnegie’s Maha Yahya, “for the millions of internally displaced persons and refugees is proof of ownership is likely to be mission impossible. Many had no proof of ownership, some live in the non-existing settlements, and therefore no legally recognized evidence of tenure, and for many — primarily refugees return to Syria to provide such evidence, is tantamount to suicide.”

In her opinion, the new law is favorable to the Syrian authorities on several points. It allows them to take the ownership of political opponents, the law also will help to occupy the strategically important region by people loyal to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The law is directed against the refugees, which the government often considers as traitors.

Experts have compared the new Syrian rule adopted in his time, in Israel and Lebanon. “This is the last of a series of measures taken by the state in order to punish opponents of the Assad government… just like the Law about missing in 1948, allowed the Israelis to take property of Palestinians expelled from their lands, the new law Assad would allow the state to confiscate land of millions of internally displaced persons and refugees,” — said the founder of the Arab centre for human rights Nizar Ayoub.

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