Interesting that “smart” missiles will tell the Russian “defense industry”

Interesting that “smart” missiles will tell the Russian “defense industry”

MOSCOW, 26 APR — RIA Novosti. For the first time at the disposal of the Russian military, the Anglo-French Storm Shadow missiles (SCALP) there are no “outstanding and amazing” technical decisions, but their study will help to improve the already existing means of dealing with such weapons. The same can be said about the American “Tomahawk”.


This opinion in an interview with RIA Novosti expressed his well-known military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski.

Previously, the fragments of a downed Syrian air defenses “Scalps” and the American “Tomahawks” was presented by the General staff of the armed forces. Two unexploded missiles the Russian military received intact. Later in mass media there were messages that the SCALP is of most interest to the defense.

I would not say that they are of the greatest interest, is that from the point of view of what is the newest rocket. The question that some fundamentally new technical solutions did not.Victor Murakhovsky, military expert

According to him, the rocket “technologically, of course, a modern, “smart”, as it is called”. “But, nevertheless, to us as the trophy was, so, too, there is nothing supernatural, what other products is not found, there is no”, — stated the expert.

According to him, despite the novelty of the rocket, in the fighting it is already used in the Iraq war, which began in 2003, Britain and France also supported the United States.20фотографий20фотографий20фотографий

“Plus, as I understand it, means of electronic warfare work, so it is to us in a relatively General form got”, — the expert added.

The most interesting for Russian specialists, according to Murakhovsky, must be a technical solution related to the ranges of various electronic devices of the missile, as well as the extreme-correlation system to image the earth’s surface and heights.

Still wondering which version we got, which were used by them. There are options with a thermal imaging seeker in the terminal phase. That is not only correlation system and GPS. I wonder how they solved this, the sins, that is, strapdown inertial navigation system, (place) inside.Victor Murakhovskiy expert

Thus, according to him, the Russian Industrialists to copy anything I’m not because all of a similar system is already used in Russian weapons. The finding may prove interesting in the development of countermeasures.

“Actually, as “Tomahawk” Вlock IV, which are used by Americans today. There is also all the technical solutions understandable in principle. There is more interest for the specialists of the defense industry, as the altimeter is done, as the implemented channel satellite communications Deltalink how to retarget the missile in flight. Such technical details,” — said murakhovski.