The bankers have requested for checking

The bankers have requested for checking

As it became known “Kommersant”, the TFR and the FSB thwarted in Moscow a large Scam, which, according to them, was attended by former and current high-ranking employees of Central administrative Board (GU) Bank of Russia for the Central Federal district.

Chief economist of banking supervision GU Alex Yurgelevich and his father Igor Yurgelevich, according to the investigation, demanded that the management of Bank of corporate financing (OOO “Bank BKF”) of €125 million, claiming that supposedly thanks to their efforts, the Central Bank previously praised the work of BKF.

As told “Kommersant” in BKF, planned inspection of the Central Bank began their September 29, 2017. Its purpose was to study the condition of the assets, liabilities under Bank guarantees and the correctness of calculation of reserves. The auditors made 7 Dec. In February this year, BKF received the order of service of the current Bank supervision of the Central Bank, which said that the activities of credit institutions serious violations were found.

Shortly thereafter, the leadership of BKF asked Igor Yurgelevich. He said he is the father of Alexei Yurgelevich, which, according to him, recently appointed curator of BKF from the Central Bank. In the credit institution “Kommersant” noted that Alex Yurgelevich do they several times appeared, so his name in the Bank were known. According to “Kommersant”, now Alex Yurgelevich listed as chief economist of the banking supervision of the Main Department of the Central Bank of the Central Federal district, where earlier in the division of banking supervision worked for his father. The latter, incidentally, from the banking system left in 2015, after which it became an individual entrepreneur, registered IP “Yurgelevich I. S.”. His main activities are related to lease of real property.

According to the source “Kommersant”, during a visit to the Bank Yurgelevich Sr. allegedly told that he and his son contributed to the adoption of a positive conclusion of the auditors of the Central Bank.

In particular, it was alleged that the efforts of including Yurgelevich Jr. was adjusted for the better one of the key performance indicators of the credit institution.

This allegedly assisted Igor Yurgelevich demanded from the management of the credit institution €150 thousand

However, he gave to understand that the reward is not only it with your son, but some “employees of the Central Bank”. Names, however, he did not call. “You know, I don’t get, so, by,” — said Yurgelevich senior.

Suspecting that you are dealing with scammers, security personnel BKF addressed with the statement in FSB. Within a month the KGB controlled the course of negotiations between the parties in which the amount of the remuneration of the representatives of the Bank were reduced by €25 thousand

The transfer of money took place on 17 April in the office of BKF on Krasnaya Presnya. At the meeting Igor Yurgelevich came alone. As soon as he got the money, in stepped the FSB. At the same time, another group of operatives in the building of the Main Department of the Central Bank of the Central Federal district (Balchug str, 2) detained Alexei Yurgelevich. Both were taken to the building of the GSM TFR in the Technical lane where father and son reported that they are suspected in a large fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code), since, according to the investigators, to affect the audit of the Central Bank could not. April 19, the Basmanny court of Moscow under the petition of the investigator arrested the two defendants until 17 June.

Representing the interests of Alexey Yurgelevich lawyer Vladimir Nazimko said “Kommersant” that his client pleaded not guilty, declined to comment further. Yurgelevich, Sr., according to “Kommersant”, fully admitted his guilt. “On the behavior of Igor Yurgelevich and requested a relatively small amount, it was clear that nowhere to take the money he was not going,” — said in BKF. In the CBA the detention of Alexei Yurgelevich did not comment.

Oleg Rubikovich