The United States opposed the restoration under the control of Assad of Syria from the ruins

The United States opposed the restoration under the control of Assad of Syria from the ruins

Washington is opposed to any assistance has been directed at the restoration of the Damascus-controlled areas of Syria, said a senior representative of the US administration.


Last in Toronto Ministerial meeting of member countries of the G7, he said: “the United States does not believe that any rehabilitation assistance must be sent to the areas controlled by the Assad regime”, — reports TASS.

The official said that Moscow allegedly did not fulfill its obligations for the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons. G7 believes that the negotiations on settlement of the situation in Syria should be held in Geneva under the auspices of the UN.

As stated by the representative of the American administration, the US does not want “the funding was received in the areas controlled by the Assad government” does not want “to recover the areas that are under the authority of the Assad regime”.

At the meeting in Toronto highlighted the importance of the impact of Western countries on Syria, ostensibly to destroy chemical weapons.

We will remind, Washington has stated that the United States, the EU, and their “regional partners” will not be involved in the reconstruction efforts of the areas of Syria controlled by the President Bashar al-Assad.

On the night of 14 April, the United States, Britain and France released on Syria 103 missiles under the pretext of alleged “himataki”. 71 of them were shot down. Air defense of the Russian armed forces did not participate in repelling the attack on Syria.

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