The scientists explained why ugly people earn more

The scientists explained why ugly people earn more

Unattractive appearance was associated with higher earnings, British scientists have found. They talked about it in an article in the journal of Business and Psychology.

It has long been established that the most attractive people earn more. However, previously it was thought that, less than good looks a person has, the less he earns.

In the new study involved 20 thousand Americans. Scientists have collected data about them, including information on income and visual attractiveness. For the first time information was collected when the respondents were 16 years old, and then three more times before they reach 29 years.

As expected, the most conscientious, calm and sociable people earn more.

However, another competitive advantage was the ugly appearance — the people with the most repulsive exterior was more than just ugly.

The researchers associated the results with the fact that ugly people are less open to new experiences and prefer to improve one’s professional field, while attractive, often trying something new, starting a career in a particular field from scratch. Earlier, probably, this effect was not noticeable due to the fact that unattractive and ugly people United in one group, and the study has been divided.