RF MFA: Russia will not give the US unilateral guarantees on cyber security

RF MFA: Russia will not give the US unilateral guarantees on cyber security

Moscow does not intend to give the Washington unilateral guarantees of non-interference in the internal political processes, including elections.

In an interview with “Kommersant” said the special representative of RF President on international cooperation in the field of information security, the Ambassador-at-large Andrey Krutskikh.

No unilateral statements, we will not do and certainly not intend to admit guilt for some of the incidents, which allegedly involved Russia.Andrey Krutskikh.the Ambassador-at-large

“The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in interview to the American TV channel NBC has repeatedly said that Russia has no desire to annoy the Americans, to intervene in their internal political processes, to influence the election. We don’t want it, it’s not in our national interests.”

Recall the US Ambassador to Russia John huntsman in a recent interview with “Kommersant” said that if Russia does not interfere in the November Congressional elections, the American side is ready to return to consideration of a question on the bilateral talks on cyber security, scheduled for the end of February, but canceled at the initiative of Washington.

According to Andrei Krutskikh, the words of Jon Huntsman “is not necessarily to be taken literally”.

“I the words of the American Ambassador accepted as follows: President Trump need in November to correct the situation in Congress in their favor, and then he will be able to enter into negotiations concerning all major issues, including the sensitive area of cyber-security”, — said “Kommersant” a senior Russian diplomat.

According to him, “no accusations against Moscow now can not do any one statement or a speech by a Western politician, and even a businessman, as we saw in the recent testimony of the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in the Congress.”