The Creator of the “Newbie” told how poisoned with this substance

The Creator of the “Newbie” told how poisoned with this substance

Vladimir Uglev, who in the 1990s worked on the substance A-234, better known as “Newbie”, told the correspondent of RTVI, as once he had been poisoned.

When Uglev was in the lab, a flask, where the “Beginner”, exploded, and the substance hit him on an unprotected hand. “If it was liquid and hot, it is unlikely that I remained alive”, — said the chemist. But as the substance was solid, Uglev have time to hand wash sanitary solution.

— Mishin A.V. (@bouvierrussia) April 15, 2018.

Uglev calls himself a “Newbie” And only 234. According to him, the name which was invented for other substances its Creator Vil Mirzayanov, is wrong. The chemist also criticized the theory Mirzayanov that Yulia and Sergei Skripal survived, because the substance has lost its focus because of the British climate.

“Mirzayanov nonsense city,” said Plew. According to him, A-234 — “very stable” poison and Skrobala could poison even the models that were created in the USSR. A scientist has put forward his theory of recovery Skrobala. He believes that after the father and daughter grabbed the door handle, which was allegedly treated with poison, they could just wash my hands with soap and water.

Took up the pen, washed the hand with soap and water. In addition, on the palm the skin is rougher, everything goes worse.Vladimir Uglevody of the creators of the substance A-234 a “Newbie”

Developer “Newbie” also rejected the version of the Russian foreign Ministry that Skrobala actually poisoned substance BZ (deny it and OPCW). “BZ — strong stuff, but it’s solid, it on the pen will not smear, explained Uglev.

Vil Mirzayanov told about the “Newcomer” in 1992. After the article of the chemist in the newspaper “Moscow news” he was accused of divulging state secrets, and was arrested twice.

After the poisoning of a former intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, the British authorities declared that they were poisoned as a Novice. Prime Minister Theresa may and foreign Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson said that with a high probability to kill Skrobala involved in the Russian government. In the Kremlin this information categorically rejected. The Times wrote that “Newbie” that poisoned Skrobala made in the city of Shikhany in the Saratov region. In mid-April, the OPCW experts have confirmed that a former scout and his daughter was poisoned nervously-paralytic substance, but specifically a “Beginner” in their report not mentioned. .