Trump spoke about the “very tough battle” between the Americans and the Russians in Syria

Trump spoke about the “very tough battle” between the Americans and the Russians in Syria

The US President Donald trump said during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of “a very hard fight American and Russian forces,” which occurred in Syria about a month ago. The live broadcast of the press conference on 18 April led channel CBS.

“We had a very, very tough fight recently, a month ago, in Syria, between our troops and the Russian military,” — said trump. He called the event “sad” and reiterated that during the conflict “many people died”.

“No one refers to Russia tougher than Donald trump,” said the President during a press conference. He recalled that last week the troops of the United States, Britain and France attacked military targets in Syria because of attacks using chemical weapons in Eastern Huta.

12 APR candidate for the position of head of the state Department Mike Pompeo has confirmed that during the February U.S. strike in Syria has killed “hundreds of Russian”. Pompeo told about it during a speech in the U.S. Congress.

About the death of Russian mercenaries in Syria in early February, reported the U.S. Department of defense. The Pentagon said that the international coalition headed by the USA attacked a Pro-government troops in Syria. According to authorities, came under fire from the Russians.

Bloomberg reported that during the shelling suffered about 200 Russians. Russian authorities initially denied that the deaths of Russian citizens. Later, the Kremlin acknowledged that among the dead were Russians, noting that they were much smaller than reported by Bloomberg. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said five of the victims.

Cossack ataman Evgeny Shabayev in an interview with RTVI told that the shelling could suffer up to 300 fighters of the private military company “Wagner”.