The distribution of fakes is allowed in the Duma

The distribution of fakes is allowed in the Duma

As the American channel OAN declared chemical weapons attack in Syria “staging”.

The American channel, One American News Network (OAN) on Tuesday reported that the reporter visited the city Duma, which, according to opponents of the government of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian troops used chemical weapons. Chemical attack in the Duma was named the reason of a rocket attack on Syrian facilities of the armed forces of the United States, France and the UK. The fact of the attack at a distance confirmed by the experts of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW).

Pearson sharp became the first Western reporter who was permitted to visit the Duma. Standing in the center of the city, the journalist said that there was no chemical attack was not. His words he accompanied the video untouched areas, which, he explained, were no more than a couple of blocks from the place where allegedly there was a chemical attack. Shot in the hospital also strikingly different from that which a few days ago has been spread by opponents of Bashar al-Assad.

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According to Mr. Sharpe, local population, representatives of which he was found, “like Assad”. The material was also shown what the journalist called “domestic terrorists” and a factory that made bombs. “A real shock to see how many weapons were able to store here, the terrorists,” — said the journalist. Finally, pierce Sharpe said that he had talked to 30-40 “chosen at random” by the inhabitants of another city. “No one in the city… haven’t seen or heard anything about the chemical attack,” he insists. According to Mr. Sharpe, all of the townspeople believe that the story of the chemical attack were “staged”.

The reporting of the journalist were ignored by the foreign media, perhaps for several reasons. For starters, pierce Sharpe admitted that he doesn’t speak Arabic and arrived in the Duma, accompanied by the Syrian military.

According to some commentators (mainly on Twitter), this has seriously reduced the credibility of its report. In any case, his words that he spoke (through military interpreters), “I love Assad”, this did not look convincing.

In addition, the channel created in 2013, is a typical example of a source of alternative news, which is not much confidence because of that and their submission. In particular, in the midst of the election campaign of 2016, the channel was widely covered by several conspiracy theories, particularly the history that the supporters of Hillary Clinton allegedly arranged a network of pedophiles, disguised as a delivery company pizza. Criticism and elucidation of the history of shooting at school in Florida: in particular, the channel attacked the survivors in the shooting of schoolchildren who spoke in favor of restricting rights to own firearms.