Permanent representative to the OPCW: Russia found participants filming staged video “himataki” in Syria

Permanent representative to the OPCW: Russia found participants filming staged video “himataki” in Syria

The HAGUE, April 16. /TASS/. Russian experts who conducted the investigation into allegations of use of chemical weapons in Duma, found participants of the video footage presented as evidence of the alleged himataki. This was announced by Russia’s permanent representative to the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) Alexander Shulgin speaking at the 58th session of the Executive Board.

“Not one witness, not one poisoned in the hospital could not be found. Was not detected any residues of chemical munitions. But I managed to find direct participants in filming staged video, which was presented as “the”evidence” himataki,” said Shulgin.

He published a video called provocation, and its “direct executors” — “pseudohumanitarian NGOs”, including White helmets.

We have already said and reiterate it again, that these structures on a paid basis cooperating with the governments of USA, UK and some other countries. It’s paid agents, actors portraying, when it’s needed, the necessary extras. Money Western countries they are preparing various production videos, spread pictures with the beloved story of “the unfortunate child victims of the bloody regime of Assad”.
Alexander Seligenporten of the Russian Federation to the OPCW

The Russian Ambassador also showed the participants photographs of participants in such surveys, “where the involved actors suddenly rise and look alive and healthy.” “Shocking that in these performances involve children,” he added.

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The Role Of Washington

“All developed and prepared pre-painted in Washington scenario, he stressed. — USA, UK, France and some other countries after the “fake” ballot box stuffing in the Duma from the “White helmets” and their ilk immediately fell upon the Syrian authorities with the allegations. At a high political level sounded loud statement that there is supposedly some reliable information about what the SAR government has committed another crime on its soil against its own population, and it should not go unpunished. The Directors of this performance were not even confused by the whole absurdity of the situation: after Eastern ghouta was already almost released, and thought an agreement was reached with the last militant groups that they are provided with a safe humanitarian corridor for travel in the province of Idlib both themselves and members of their families.”

The senselessness of these statements is simply amazing. When the outcome of the military confrontation in the Duma was almost a foregone conclusion, why did the Syrians suddenly use chemical weapons? To incur the wrath of the world community? In mind that can only come from a madman.Alexander Seligenporten of the Russian Federation to the OPCW

Shulgin said that in light of the committed assault US, UK and France on Syria is the work of OPCW inspectors in the city Duma, which allegedly was an attack using chemical weapons, “it becomes even more important and in demand.” “In this regard, proposed at today’s meeting of the Executive Board to adopt the summary decision in support of the Mission-finding evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, the diplomat said, speaking at the meeting. — Now let’s at least put aside differences and confirm our common intention to facilitate the work of the OPCW inspectors”.


The information that on 7 April, the Duma was used chemical weapons, issued a number of NGOs, including White helmets. A response to the statements about the alleged chemical attack by government forces began missile attacks on targets military and civilian infrastructure in Syria caused the planes and ships of the United States, Britain and France. Representatives of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties held on 9 April, the survey of the Duma, but did not find traces of the use of chemical weapons. On Saturday, April 14 in Damascus there came experts of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons.

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